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An Unusual But Not Too Cruel Punishment

Have you ever been stuck behind a school bus, kids unloading, and gotten a little bit annoyed because you are in a hurry? You probably have. Did you get a creeping temptation to drive around the pedestrian children, avoiding them by driving onto the sidewalk? Didn’t think so. Shena Hardin got that feeling early and often. [...]

Ye Olde Explanation

(YouTube link) Why do we say “Ye Olde” something-or-other when we want to sound Old English? According to the history of the term, it was never pronounced that way! Minute Physics explains in a hurry, even though the history of language has little to do with physics. -via Geekosystem  


How did this happen? Maybe when they decided to list the house for sale in a hurry, the only exterior picture they had was a dud from the wedding album. Or maybe it was a Photoshop Disaster. Either way, potential buyers are going to assume the house is haunted! Link

He’ll Find the Guys Who Didn’t Do It

Have you ever watched a police lineup on TV and wondered how real-life detectives manage to find so many similar-looking potential perps in a hurry? Sometimes they round up police officers or department employees, or friends of friends. But in New York, they sometimes call Robert Weston, police lineup casting director. It’s an odd job, [...]

Remote Controlled Flying Clownfish Air Swimmers

Flying Clownfish Air Swimmers - $39.95 We are excited to announce that Air Swimmers are back in stock at the NeatoShop. Now you can get your very own remote controlled balloon shaped like either a Clownfish (shown) or Flying Shark.  Hurry! We have a very limited supply of these fantastic remote controlled balloons. Be sure to check [...]

Darth Vader Urinal

Well, this is one way to get Force Choked in a hurry. The R2D2 toilet is probably safer. via Walyou | Photo: Flickr user Zartimus

Drive-Thru Viewing of the Dead

Need to pay your respect to the dearly departed, but in a big hurry? That’s not a problem in this Compton Funeral Home: it has a drive-thru viewing of the dead. Visitors are greeted by a huge red-lettered sign above the entrance of the stone building on East Palmer Street. In the reception lounge, gold chandeliers [...]

The Apostrophe Quiz

How well do you use apostrophes? Test yourself with this simple 10 sentence quiz. You can check each answer as you go, which may improve your performance on the later sentences. Yes, I guessed all of them correctly, even if I do make mistakes when I’m writing in a hurry. Link -via b3ta (Image credit: Flickr [...]

Real World McDonalds Experiment

(YouTube link) Sally Davies took pictures of a McDonalds burger and fries for 137 days, and the pictures never changed. It wasn’t the first such experiment, but could it be replicated under normal conditions? Some say a Happy Meal will last forever, but YouTube member GitEmSteveDave had very different results. You can skip the first minute [...]