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The Late Movies: Six Songs Inspired by Hurricane Sandy

First: If you’re one of our readers in New Jersey, Delaware, New York, or any of the other areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are with you. Now, on to the Late Movies business: Hurricane Sandy has inspired some budding singer-songwriters. We’ve got six examples of how they spent their time during the storm. “Sandy” This [...]

13 Vintage Photos Of Hurricanes And Their Aftermath

As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall on the East Coast, here’s a look back at other dramatic hurricanes in American history. Galveston, Texas Hurricane, September 1900 This hurricane was the deadliest in U.S. history—the estimated death toll was 8000 (to compare, 1800 people died during Hurricane Katrina). Damage to a church. The hurricane, which had a storm [...]

The Last ‘Frankenstorm’: Video of the 1938 Nor’easter That Ravaged New England

Getty Images Hurricane Sandy is making its presence known across the Eastern Seaboard, with powerful winds beginning to lash the coast and rain starting to pour down from North Carolina to New York. And as millions of Americans across the East Coast hunker down, some are turning to history as a guide. In 1938, for instance, a [...]

Music History #7: “Hurricane”

“Hurricane” Written by Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy (1975) Performed by Bob Dylan Getty Images The Music In 1974, when Bob Dylan wrote “Hurricane” about Rubin Carter, the boxer had already been in prison for ten years for a murder he supposedly did not commit. But his case had become a kind of cause célèbre for civil rights [...]

8-Year Old Girls Leaves Hurricane Safety Instructions for Her Stuffed Animals

Greg Taylor of Mandeville, Louisiana evacuated his family to escape Hurricane Isaac. His daughter Ashley joined him–but her stuffed animals did not. She did, however, give them prudent instructions about how to shelter in place safely. Link | Photo: Greg Taylor

Pugs Preparing For The Hurricane

The hurricane has come and gone now, but after seeing so many pictures of people preparing for the disaster, I have to admit that this gallery of pugs anticipating the worst is a breath of fresh (and cute) air. Link

The Late Movies: Storm Songs

As the East Coast wades its way out of flooding and other water damage caused by Hurricane Irene, we’ve collected some of the greatest songs about storms. Consider it your On the Way to Sunnier Days Playlist. Thunderstruck My favorite thing about this song is that you can easily adapt it for winter storms by singing “Thunder [...]

Hurricane Irene Store Signs

Hurricane Irene is causing havoc along the east coast, but some business owners in its path retained their sense of humor, at least long enough to thumb their noses at the storm -just before evacuating. See a collection of such business signs at Buzzfeed. This one is my favorite. Link

Reporters Being Blown Away by Hurricanes

Gawker understands why so many people tune in to watch hurricane coverage. Here are 10 videos of reporters being blown away by hurricanes.

Hurricane Story

The day hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, photographer Jennifer Shaw was giving birth to her son in Alabama, where she and her husband had taken refuge after evacuating the city. Two months later, she returned to the devastation in NoLa. In the photography project Hurricane Story, she staged scenes from her experience using plastic toys [...]