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A Brief and Incomplete History of Launching Animals Into Space

Pretty much ever since humans discovered flight, we’ve been strapping animals into our new devices just to see what would happen. Over the last 330 years or so, we’ve launched dogs, cats, chimps, monkeys, roosters, ducks, spiders, fruit flies, silk worms, ants, bees, moss, turtles, rabbits, jellyfish, amoebae, fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, goldfish, and one Enlightment-era [...]

NanoSail-D Solar Sail

When rocket scientists decide to fly a kite in space, it kind of looks like this. Depicted in the artist’s concept above, NASA’s NanoSail-D spacecraft has unfurled its sail to become the first ever solar sail to circle our planet. “We’re solar sailing!” says NanoSail-D principal investigator Dean Alhorn of the Marshall Space Flight Center [...]

On The Road: 5 Great Stops Along I-65

Last week, we took a look at the winding stretch of road between Detroit and Cincinnati and a few of the fantastic diversions along the way—everything from a haunted insane asylum to a great place to eat crepes. Continuing our exploration of entertaining locales on American interstates, this week we have five more great locations [...]