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Can You Find The Hidden Animals In These 20 Wildlife Photos?

Hunting down the animals in each of these wildlife photos by Art Wolfe is no easy task, they’ve blended into their surroundings so well that even a trained eye will have trouble spotting them. And don’t let the giraffe pic above fool you, the rest of the hidden critters are much harder to find! Link

Dolphins may be maths geniuses

A new study suggests that dolphins may use complex nonlinear maths when hunting for fish. Long considered to highly intelligent animals, it’s no surpr…

That Sure Is One Lazy Polar Bear

(Video Link) He looks like he’s thinking about calling room service so he can enjoy breakfast in bed. After all, the whole hunting for your own meal is just so tiring. Via Pet’s Lady

Animal-Friendly Alternative to Fox Hunting

Fox hunting — at least as it was traditionally conducted with dogs — has been illegal in the United Kingdom since 2005. You can be hunted with the old ways, if you like. But if you want to take down a fox, you’ll have to work with UK Paintball. For £400, the firm arranges for [...]

Taxidermy, Dr.Seuss-Style

Oh me! Oh my! Oh me! Oh my! What a lot of funny things go by …during hunting season. Carl Turner created mounted heads of Dr. Seuss’s creatures, including this Baffler Bird. Link -via Super Punch

13 Eco-Friendly Halloween Crafts

If you’re still hunting for a few fun last minute crafting ideas to spice up your Halloween decor, WebEcoist has a great collection of fun crafts that are all eco-friendly as well. Enjoy. Link

1800’s Vampire Hunting Kit

Supposedly these vampire hunting kits were sold to travelers to protect them from our fanged, blood sucking friends. See the full gallery at the link.  Travelers in the 19th century would purchase ‘vampire hunting kits’ in preparation for their travels to Eastern Europe. The kits would contain a wooden stake, Bible, crucifix, pistol with lead bullets, [...]

Let’s Play Wolf Pack!

The latest story from Allie Brosch will remind you of a horror film -one in which you are being chased through a dark forest by a horde of demons intent on devouring you. Never mind that the horde of demons is a group of six-year-old girls at a birthday party! Benny had severely underestimated our hunting [...]

Sweden wolf hunt brings EU legal threat

With claims of an out of control wolf population Sweden allows wolf hunting again. In an attempt to regain control of its wolf population – which many…

Fox Hunting – the New "Most Dangerous Game" ?

The title refers not to the report earlier this week of a fox shooting a hunter, but to an announcement that some hunting clubs in England have replaced the traditional quarry with… humans. And although he started the day nursing a sore knee, 54-year-old Andy Kay and his fellow runners are putting up a fine chase, [...]