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Tweeting Birds

By placing pork fat on a keyboard, Latvian artist Voldemars Dudums was able to convince hungry tomtits to tweet. Is it silly? Dudums says: Yes, one may say it is quite silly, but if you look what people are sometimes writing on Twitter, then I think the tomtits messages still okay. The birds have, so far, 4,322 [...]

Snails Can Survive Being Digested

You probably know that snails often fall prey to hungry birds, but you might not know that the slithering insect crawling across your driveway might have already been eaten by a bird—and survived. New research shows that around 15% of snails make it through the bird’s digestive system alive. One snail in the study even made [...]

Snails Can Survive Being Eaten

A new study has found that around 15% of all snails eaten by hungry birds survive the ordeal and live to be eaten another day. In fact, one of the snails in the study immediately gave birth right after she crawled out of the bird’s waste. Link Image via parl [Flickr]