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PlayStation 3 Ad Makes Your Life Somehow Seem Meaningful

(Video Link) This commercial reminds us that a hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car you drove, what kind of house you lived in, how much money was in your bank account nor what your clothes looked like. But the world may be a better place because you kicked butt in [...]

Mark Twain’s Second Life

Mark Twain was a ramblin’ man, and was so intent on living life to the fullest that he was brought back from the dead and lived another hundred years, according to Michael Kupperman, who selflessly agreed to illustrate Twain’s autobiography so that folks who can ‘t read all the words can stare at the pretty [...]

Victorian Husbands and Wives

How to Be a Retronaut has a collection of portraits of married couples a hundred years back or more. Some look strangely alike, and they all look fairly uncomfortable posing for the photographer. Link -via Everlasting Blort

6 Companies That Rigged The Game

If you thought that diamonds are rare or that halitosis is a real disease, then congratulations, you’ve bought in to some of the most manipulative business practices of the last hundred years. Cracked has even more on these practices and the companies that instituted them and the article is simply fascinating. Link

German Futurist Predictions

Historic LOLs has a collection of German prints from around a hundred years ago illustrating predictions for the year 2000. In this one, we’re supposed to be able to walk on water, with the help of balloons and a waterwheel. Other pictures show moving sidewalks, personal flying machines, underwater tourism, and remote surveillance -all things [...]

2010 Hawkins Zoomorphic Collection

(vimeo link) Collection curator Emma Hawkins shows us some items made from animals long ago with functions beyond display. On one hand, using animal remains to make consumer products is green in that the items are organic, biodegradable, and an example of recycling. Compare these items to the same things made of plastic or fiberglass. On [...]

Vintage Ad Browser

Find hundreds of ads going up to a couple hundred years back with the Vintage Ad Browser. I spent a lot of time looking around, but kept coming back to this perfume ad from 1890. The picture has nothing to do with the product, but it doesn’t matter, since everyone loves babies and dogs, right? [...]