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Western Blue Jays Hold a Funeral for Dead Bird

Humans are not the only animal that mourn their dead, but this is quite surprising: when a Western Scrub Jay bird encounters a dead bird, it will call out to others to stop foraging [...]

It’s Dogs Vs. Zombies In Play Dead

(Vimeo Link) Humans aren’t the only living species that have to deal with the undead problem during a zombie apocalypse, man’s best friend has to lend a hand too, so they don’t become a furry lunch special. Play Dead is a short film that focuses on what our dogs go through when the zombies come to town. This [...]

Why do we fear snakes and spiders ?

Humans are believed to have evolved the innate ability to both sense and fear spiders and snakes. Many people have an excessive fear of snakes or larg…

When Apes Adopt Cats as Cuddly Pets

Humans love to hold a warm, furry cat in their arms or in their laps (with some exceptions, of course) but humans aren’t the only primates who like pets. Monkeys and apes seem to have a similar affinity to cats, as you’ll see in a gallery of cute pictures at Environmental Graffiti. Link (Image credit: Flickr [...]

6 Terrifying Animal Weapons

Humans might be one of the only animals to use tools as weapons, but Crack has a great list of animals born with weapons built right into their bodies -like the Giant Amazonian Centipede’s ninja skills, which allow him to catch and eat whole bats. Read about the rest at the link. Link

Humans wore clothes 170,000 years ago

A new study in to clothing lice has suggested we started wearing clothes 170,000 years ago. Humans have lived without body hair for over a million yea…

Women’s Tears May Reduce Men’s Testosterone

Humans are believed to be the only creatures that produce tears because of emotions like sadness and joy. But researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science may have found another function for tears: they reduce men’s testosterone. We found that merely sniffing negative-emotion–related odorless tears obtained from women donors, induced reductions in sexual appeal attributed by [...]

The future of evolution

Humans are still evolving but what will this mean for us in the distant future ? With progress in the field of genetic engineering will we even ha…