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“How Strong Is a Hobbit?” — A Physicist Looks at The Hobbit

Scientists see the world very differently than non-scientists do. While you and I may read or watch The Lord of the Rings and think of it as a compelling work of fantasy, Rhett Alain, a college physics instructor, sees physical quandaries to resolve. For example, relative to a human, how strong is a hobbit? Alain offers [...]

Ten Alien Species That Became Jedi Knights

Human Jedis are a dime a dozen, but Force sensitivity isn’t limited to any particular race, species or planet, so all kinds of wild and wooly beings had their chance to wield a lightsaber. i09 has put together a fun list of 10 aliens that represented their species and became one with the Force, any one [...]

Brain-to-robot downloads within 10 years ?

A Russian entrepreneur is developing a means with which to allow a human to inhabit a robot. Dmitry Itskov has hired over 100 scientists to work on th…

Will we ever be able to talk to animals ?

Will it ever be possible for a human to talk to and have a meaningul conversation with an animal ? Every year great strides are made in understanding …

The Human Centipede, Circa 1928

On Monday I’ll post my full review of The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions: The Curious World of the Demoulin Brothers and Their Fraternal Lodge Prank Machines (including my interview with its author, scholar-of-the-weird Julia Suits). But to whet your appetite for that review, and freak you out just a bit before Halloween, I [...]

Alain Robert – The French Human Spiderman | Climbs Tallest Building

Alain Robert – The French Human Spiderman Alain Robert (born as Robert Alain Philippe on 7 August 1962), is a French rock and urban climber, from Digoin, SaĆ“ne-et-Loire, Bourgogne, France. Known as “the French Spider-Man” (after the comic character Spider-Man), or “the Human Spider”, Robert is famous for scaling skyscrapers. Robert has scaled 85 giant structures around [...]

The Language of Prairie Dogs

Whaaat? You didn’t know that prairie dogs have their own language? (Cue Dramatic Prairie Dog clip) Professor Con Slobodchikoff of Nothern Arizona University spent 30 years studying “prairiedogese” and cracked the secret of how prairie dogs communicate with each other: During his analysis, Slobodchikoff noticed something: Even though the human call was consistently different from the other [...]

Human Bot Fly Removal Pictures And Videos

A botfly is a fly in the family Oestridae. It is one of several families of hairy flies whose larvae live as parasites within the bodies of mammals. There are approximately 150 known species worldwide. Dermatobia hominis, the human botfly, is the only species of botfly known to use humans as the host to its larvae. In [...]

Teeth marks show neanderthal differences

Detailed examinations of human and neanderthal teeth have helped to highlight our differences. The research has shown that modern humans take longer t…

Man tattoos whites of his eyes

Known as the Human Chequerboard Matt Gone has taken his tattoo obsession one step further. Without supervision Gone injected ink in to the whites of e…