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Genetically Modified Cows Produce Human Breast Milk

Cows that have been modified with human genes are producing milk very similar to human milk. The researchers responsible hope to produce and market a this product as a substitute for human milk. Lead researcher Ning Li explained: “The modified bovine milk is a possible substitute for human milk. It fulfilled the conception of humanising the [...]

GM cows produce human milk

In a bid to make cow’s milk more nutritious scientists have created cattle that produce human milk. Human genes have been introduced in to 300 cows so…

Disgustingly Helpful Medical Advances

Did you know parasitic gut worms may help prevent you from developing allergies? Or that the fluid excreted from maggots might actually be helpful in keeping your wounds clean? Were you aware that an even healthier version of human breast milk can be produced by mice spliced with human genes? The real question, of course, [...]