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Before LOLCats There Were Action Cats!

(Video Link via Hulu) This commercial parody from Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s paved the way for future kittie videos to take the interwebs by storm, and it’s an ad for a  fake product I’d actually like to see sold in stores, especially around Halloween. It doesn’t get much better than armor clad cats [...]

Building a Crowd

Someone watched an episode of Master Chef on Hulu and saw twins in this crowd scene. It must have been a thin crowd for the producers to decide it needed a copy-and-paste makeover. What’s the world coming to? It’s getting to the point where you can’t even believe what you see on TV! Link -via [...]

Origins of Life

Hulu, which I understand is not available to the whole world (apologies), has a great video by Gerald Calderon. It’s quite possibly the best explanation of the origin of life ever presented on film. The art direction, the narration, the whole 40 minute production really sums up the scientific record, and is full of win. 15 [...]