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CONTEST: Create Your Own Superhero, Win Stuff!

Getty Images New York Comic Con is happening this week, and Halloween is coming up—so it seems like as good a time as any to give you some superhero goodies that you can put to use on October 31st. Thanks to our friends at Hasbro, we’re giving away two Hulk prize packs—each consists of a Marvel The [...]

Heads-Up, Fourthmeal Fans: 9 Secret Menu Items at Taco Bell

You could argue (successfully) that every item at Taco Bell tastes pretty much the same. But if you’re eager to impress, or just long for the days the Enchirito (shown above) was still available, here’s your guide to snagging nine foods no one else in the place even knows about. The Superman, the Hulk, and [...]

Hot Dog Hustle

Don’t mess with this hot dog! Tom Hunter shows us what happens when a hot dog got mad – Hulk mad – at the mistreatment of his kind. Warning: full of cartoon gory. You’ve been warned! Hit play or go to [...]

The Incredible Hulk Cookie Jar

The Incredible Hulk Cookie Jar – $54.95 Do you get really angry when somebody snags the last of your favorite cookies? Protect your precious sweets with the Incredible Hulk Cookie Jar from the NeatoShop. This fantastic cookie jar is all the rage among brilliant scientists. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Hulk items [...]

Man paints himself green, doesn’t wash off

Enrique dos Santos was trying to look like the Incredible Hulk but managed to use the wrong paint. The 35-year-old swimming pool attendant from Brazil…

Anatomical Diagram Of The Incredible Hulk’s Skull

This anatomical diagram by Glendon Mellow attempts to put scientific data behind Bruce Banner’s superheroic transformation from man to Hulk. However, this chart raises further questions, like does Bruce’s skull actually transform? And does this new research illustrate that the Incredible Hulk is actually some sort of modern incarnation of Paranthropus robustus? Link  –via Nerd Approved

Hulk vs. Wolverine Salt & Pepper Shakers

Hulk vs. Wolverine Salt & Pepper Shakers – $13.95 Are you looking for a fun way to release your inner decorating beast? Spruce up your kitchen table with the Hulk vs. Wolverine Salt & Pepper Shaker set from the NeatoShop.  This fantastic set is made from glazed ceramic.  The two shakers are held together by magnets. Be [...]

Avengers-Inspired Eye Make Up

Talented make up artist Jangsara created an entire series of make up styles for The Avengers, one for each character. Personally, I love The Hulk look. If you’d like to learn how to do the looks at home, you’re in luck if you like the Iron Man or Captain America, but they both seem a [...]

Captain America Wall Clock

Captain America Wall Clock – $27.95 Attention Marvel fans! Are you looking for the perfect way to count down the hours to the release of the new Avengers movie? You need Captain America Wall Clock from the NeatoShop. This great eye-catching clock will make sure you are on time to wait in line. Thor Wall Clock and [...]

Cosplayer’s Smashingly Awesome Hulk Costume

Our pal Geeks are Sexy blog went to the Montreal Comic-Con 2011 and snapped a bunch of neat photos of cosplayers there. My favorite is this one … what a smashing Hulk costume! Link