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10 Famous Literary Characters Based on Real People

“Write what you know,” they say. So it makes sense that many authors take a good look around at friends and family when creating characters for their books. 1. Mark Twain once admitted that he wasn’t terribly creative in creating Huckleberry Finn – he based the character almost precisely on his childhood friend Tom Blankenship. From [...]

Huckleberry Finn to be Published Without the N-Word

Huckleberry Finn, the American classic written by Mark Twain and staple of high school English class everywhere, has always been controversial for its use of the “N-word.” (I mean, I even remember my own high school English class debate on the appropriateness of using such word – as I’m sure every class before and after [...]

Cockney ATM

Photo: Times of London Bank Machine, an ATM operator in Britain, now has five cash machines in London that offer users the opportunity to conduct their business in the cockney dialect. It’s a promotional gimmick designed to amuse customers: “Readin’ your bladder of lard”, read the message on the screen. It asked for his “Huckleberry Finn”. Then [...]