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Hubble unveils deepest view of universe

The Hubble Space Telescope has taken a picture of the deepest view of the universe ever seen in near-infrared light, the faintest objects having b…

Newly repaired Hubble takes stunning pictures

The Hubble Space Telescope has taken a number of stunning new pictures four months following the successful mission to upgrade it and demonstratin…

Oh My God, It’s Full of Stars!

Image: NASA The Hubble Space Telescope has got new glasses after astronauts refurbished it in May 2009, and now NASA has kindly released snapshots from the 19-year-old space telescope. I’m particularly awestruck with this one of the Globular Star Cluster Omega Centauri: NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope snapped this panoramic view of a colorful assortment of 100,000 stars residing [...]