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Map of the ‘Verse

Take my love, take my Flash Take me where I cannot browse I don’t care, I’m still free You can’t take HTML5 from me This one’s for you, Browncoats. [...]

How To Make Websites

Do you want to make a website, but don’t know how to do all the techie stuff…or know just enough to make a super-crappy site? If that’s you, check out Don’t Fear the Internet, a video series that teaches you basic HTML and CSS, using a WordPress blog as the basis for your new [...]

All HTML Tags Assembled on One Page

If you just look at the link, it won’t make much sense. But if you view the coding (listed as View Source on most browsers), you’ll see what designer Evan Roth has wrought. The webpage consists of a single sentence nested inside every HTML tag in alphabetical order. And that sentence is, appropriately “One sentence [...]

HTML5 and the future of the Web

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the future of the Web. For instance, Wired had a cover story a couple months back proclaiming “The Web is Dead.” And when I was at BlogWorld last month in Vegas, one of the main topics was how blogs are going to survive “In a world, where [...]