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Nutella Banana Sushi

You had me at Nutella, Inspired Housewife. Are crepes too frilly-sounding for your fam? Then roll a banana up with some Nutella inside of a crepe accentuate with a little bit more Nutella on top and voila -now it’s Nutella banana sushi! Link

When I Tell People I Work from Home

More and more people every day find themselves working a real job from home, but that is still a novel idea for most of the folks around them. Actually, my home office looks like this. And when I tell people I work from home, they assume I am a housewife and have plenty of time [...]

"Malnourished monkey" mistaken for alien

A monkey created quite a stir in one Chinese province when it was mistaken for an alien creature. Housewife Mao Xiping first encountered the monkey wh…