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Casket Coffee Table

I want this table. I’ll keep it in my living room. When my daughters start dating, I’ll use it to terrify their boyfriends. Casket Furniture, a company that makes caskets and casket-inspired household furniture, made this coffee table. You can find other works at their website, including gaming tables, phone booths, bookshelves and entertainment centers. Link -via [...]

Bombs into Furniture

Jake Wright takes surplus ordnance and turns it into household furniture. This lamp, for example, is made from a 100-pound bomb left over from the Korean War. At the link, you can find his other designs, including dummy naval rounds made into table bases. Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

Roller Coaster Bed

The New Decor’ is an art exhibition currently on at the Hayward Gallery in London. The exhibit features 30 artists and is designed to explore “the evolution of interior and exterior environments.” The artists have essentially created provocative installations from everyday household furniture or items.I particularly love the roller coaster-resembling bed by Los Carpinteros. It [...]