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Thanks to Daylight Savings Time, Man Gets Ticketed for Two DUIs at the Same Time

At 1:08 AM last Sunday, a man in Urbana, Ohio was cited for drunk driving. Then, precisely one hour later at 1:08 AM, he was cited for the same offense: Exactly one hour later, while on patrol in the municipal parking lot off of the 100 block of Miami Street, Sgt. Reese saw the same vehicle [...]

Physics Students: Batman Would Die If He Tried to Glide

Image: University of Leicester It would be Knightfall for Batman to actually try to glide using his cape. Physics students at the University of Leicester have calculated that he wouldn’t be able to survive the aerial maneuvers displayed in the movie Batman Begins: Due to the high speeds he would be travelling, his impact with the ground [...]

Country Fried Bacon With Gravy On A Stick

If you’re ever entered into a contest to see who can eat the most calories in a 24 hour period, at least now you have a plan for breakfast. Of course, if you aren’t entered in said contest, you might want to stay away from the dish, which might be tasty, but also could be [...]

The Toddlers’ Truce: Why You Couldn’t Watch British TV at 6pm Until 1957

Turn on the TV at 6:00 this evening and you’ll find the local news, SportsCenter, or perhaps an old Seinfeld rerun. But until this day in 1957, British TVs at 6:00pm wouldn’t show a thing. Thanks to a post-war BBC policy known as the “toddlers’ truce,” stations would not broadcast between 6:00 and 7:00 in [...]

Happy Ours

In the 1920s, Happy Hour happened on board a ship. It was the hour when boxing and wrestling mathces took place – an hour to unwind and cut loose from the day’s regular activities. Boy have we come a long way since then! I was recently up in Portland, OR, where Happy Hour can be [...]

Coupled Married for 72 Years Dies While Holding Hands

Gordon and Norma Yeager, aged 94 and 90 respectively, were married for 72 years. They were inseparable and deeply in love with each other during those seven decades. They died an hour apart last week in a hospital. There was some confusion when Gordon left because his heart monitor continued to pulse — but that [...]

MTV’s First Hour on the Air (I Mean: on Cable)

On August 1, 1981, MTV launched at 12:01am. Below you can see the first hour of MTV, in six ten-minute chunks. It’s historically interesting for the commercials, shows a surprisingly seat-of-the-pants approach to cable TV complete with lots of dead air and bad audio cuts, and features a surprising mix of videos. Oh, and they [...]

Crime by the Hour

Think that crimes happen in the dark of the night? Trulia Insights compiled crime statistics from 25 big cities in the United States and discovered that while crime doesn’t pay, it seems to clock in from 9 to 5 (plus nightshift in some cities) like the rest of us working stiffs. 3AM: When the Devil’s Off [...]

Hypersonic Jet, ZEHST, Revealed At Paris Air Show

How would you like to fly from New York to London and an hour? Or how about London to Tokyo in two hours? Some day you might be able to if the ZEHST plane gets off the ground. A new hypersonic jet, dubbed ZEHST for Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation, was revealed at the Paris Air Show [...]

Cuckoos and Other Animated Clocks

Mental_floss blog editor Jason English told me his daughter wanted a cuckoo clock, but she wanted one with a dog instead of a cuckoo. I began to wonder why clocks use cuckoo birds to identify the hour. As it turns out, there are quite a variety of ways clocks will announce the hour. Image by [...]