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Spider Web

(vimeo link) By taking a picture every four seconds, photographer Jean-Michel was able to contract a time-lapse sequence of a spider constructing a web. The video covers an hour and a half of work. That’s a hard -working eight-legged artist.  -via mental_floss

License Plates Invitation

What are those Pennsylvanians doing, holding up strange license plates like that? Inviting typographic artist Jessica Hische to visit, actually! Today the Society of Design in PA (my home state) invited me to speak. In doing so, they created the [...]

Sisyphus Gets a Snowthrower

(YouTube link) In Greek mythology, Sisyphus was doomed to roll a boulder up a hill and watch it roll back down, so he could start his task all over again. The YouTube description (in Polish) says this guy with a snowblower kept it up for an hour and a half. You have to wonder if anyone [...]

Boat Made of Chocolate

(Video Link) To settle a bet, chocolatier Georges Larnicol built and launched a boat made from chocolate. The 3.5 meter craft managed to stay afloat with three people inside for an hour and a half. It wasn’t the 55-year-old’s first attempt to set sail in a chocolate boat. In August his plans were scuppered when his Chocolate boat [...]