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Adventure Time Wedding Cake Topper

Well, of course it was Finn and Fionna! I know: a lot of people (including, embarrassingly, me) predicted that Finn and the Hot Dog Princess would ultimately tie the knot. But ImSodaHyper guessed right and made this wedding cake topper out of polymer clay for the happy couple. Link P.S. Check out our Adventure Time gear in [...]

The Late Movies: Songs About Hot Summers

On this date in 1935, the Dust Bowl heat wave reached its peak, with temperatures reaching 109°F in Chicago, Illinois and 104°F in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As we sweat through another long, hot summer in America, here are six songs inspired by rising temps (or at least six songs that make us think of hot summer [...]

11 Obscure Regional Phrases That Describe Excessive Heat

ETHAN MILLER/Reuters The way this summer is going, you’ll soon run out of ways to say, “It’s ridiculously hot.” Lucky for us, we have a direct line to Joan H. Hall, editor of the Dictionary of American Regional English. Here are 11 phrases you can fall back on next time someone asks what the weather [...]

Hot Wheels Double Loop In Real Life

Every kids who played with a Hot Wheels track dreamed of someday racing a car in a real track, and maybe doing those crazy track stunts. Now two drivers are going to carry out that dream. The “Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare” is set to take place at this month’s Summer X-Games in Los Angeles. Drivers [...]

Richard Branson prepares for deep sea dive

Richard Branson is preparing for a mission to visit the depths of the Atlantic Puerto Rico Trench. Hot on the heels of Titanic director James Cameron …

Norwegian Diplomat Says Role Playing Can Save The World

Newly appointed Norwegian minister of international development Heikki Holmas feels that role playing games can be beneficial to society, and could even help foster peace in the world by creating realistic conflict in a fictional setting. Here’s what he has to say about roleplaying: “RPGs can be extremely relevant in putting people in situations they’re unfamiliar with, [...]

Controller-Mounted Hot Pocket Dispenser

The problem is popularly known as the Hot Pocket Conundrum, and it has vexed gamers for generations. Here it is: you need food, but that requires stopping the game. As this is obviously an unacceptable option, many gamers have starved to death on their couches. Thankfully, Ben Heckendorn has now solved that problem by designing [...]

Rate My Rat: The Photo Contest for New York City Subway Rats

Hot or not? Cast your vote! A union of subway workers in New York City found an ingenious way of drawing attention to the rat problem that its members have to deal with every day. It’s holding a contest that encourages people to submit photos of rats found in the tunnels and rate them on [...]

Pig with two snouts born in China

Hot on the tail of the human-faced pig story comes the tale of another pig – this one with two snouts. Born on a farm in China’s Jilin province, ‘Babe…

Hot Dog N Bun Soap

Hot Dog N Bun Soap | $10.95 Don’t eat that hot dog -no matter how tempted you are! Some dogs are made for grilling; others are made for washing up. This dog is really a bar of soap, complete with a soap bun and soap mustard, made with completely vegan ingredients. Get yours at the NeatoShop! [...]