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Cthulhu Bento Box Makes For A Scary Good Meal

I love this delightfully clever H.P. Lovecraft bento box by The Nghbrhood complete with a green hot dog Cthulhu and terrified egg people. I’ d be so jealous if I was one of this kid’s school friends. Link Via BoingBoing

This Jack Russell Knows Some Useful Tricks

(Video Link) Sure if you want something done in life you should probably just do it yourself, but not many dogs have been willing to take this advice to heart…until Jesse the Jack Russell. Via I Has A Hot Dog

The Pup Who Is Allergic To Grass

Poor little Jax is allergic to grass, which is a huge problem for a dog. Fortunately, his vet suggested he get new doggie boots, which not only leave him looking utterly adorable, but also protect him from his allergies so he can now run free and wild outside. Link Via I Has A Hot Dog

Hot Dog N Bun Soap

Hot Dog N Bun Soap | $10.95 Don’t eat that hot dog -no matter how tempted you are! Some dogs are made for grilling; others are made for washing up. This dog is really a bar of soap, complete with a soap bun and soap mustard, made with completely vegan ingredients. Get yours at the NeatoShop! [...]

Hot Dog Hat

Hot Dog Hat – $7.45 Are you at a loss of what to get your Dad this Father’s Day? He needs the Hot Dog Hat from the NeatoShop. No Father’s Day cookout is complete without a grown man wearing a plush Hot Dog on his head. Is Dad more of a burger fan? Not to worry the [...]

Hot Dog Leash

Hot Dog Leash – $9.95 Is your dog a trendsetting hipster pup? He needs the Hot Dog Leash from the NeatoShop! It’s the hot dog item of the year! All the pooches at the park will be salivating over this leash. Spring has sprung! You have a new leash on life! That means it’s time to take [...]

Ruptured Mustard Packet Throw Pillow

Ew, you spilled it all over the couch! Etsy seller diffractionfiber made this throw pillow and felt spill mark. She was inspired by Chicagoans’ affinity for the condiment: One of the first life lessons I learned after moving to Chicago was that it was blasphemous to use ketchup on your hot dog. “Real” Chicagoans use Mustard [...]