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The Dog Dicer

(YouTube link) Here’s an ad made for people who are extremely suggestible. Like, people who would never think of cutting a hot dog with an instrument clearly designed for, say, a steak. For only $9.95, you can avoid spending $1.98 on a paring knife! -via the Presurfer

7-11′s Mashed Potato Dispenser

How you feel about this device will probably vary greatly depending on how you feel about 7-11′s other food. For example, if you think chili that slowly drips out of a vending machine is a great addition to your hot dog that’s been rolling in public view all day, then you’ll probably love these mashed [...]

Skateboarding Time!

(Video Link) Yes, you’ve almost certainly already seen a video of a skateboarding dog, but these amateurs are utterly adorable as they try to figure out the proper method. Via I Has A Hot Dog

Get the Pool, Boy!

(Video Link) Just look at that water, mocking you with its wetness. Get it! Via I Has A Hot Dog

Hot Dog Hustle

Don’t mess with this hot dog! Tom Hunter shows us what happens when a hot dog got mad – Hulk mad – at the mistreatment of his kind. Warning: full of cartoon gory. You’ve been warned! Hit play or go to [...]

The Dinosaur Versus The Bumble Bee

(Video Link) The best part is the way the dino’s adorably stubby arms keep smacking the poor little bumble bee. Via I Has A Hot Dog

That’s The Spot, Right There!

(Video Link) Nothing like a good jet of water to itch that scratch for you. While I’ve seen dogs run from or attack the water from hoses, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one use it as a means to get pet. Have you? Via I Has A Hot Dog

That Dog in the Mirror is a Real Jerk

(Video Link) “His growl sounds weird too. My growl doesn’t sound that weird, and I look way more intimidating then him.” You sure do pup, you sure do. Via I Has A Hot Dog

Tug of War With A Dog & Horse

(Video Link) Now that’s an animal friendship you don’t see too often. Isn’t it precious though? Via I Has A Hot Dog

5 Idiotically Pricey Snack Foods

I don’t know about you guys, but I certainly appreciate a good hot dog. That being said, I have a serious aversion to getting price gouged, which is why I find the idea of a $69 hot dog to be simply sickening. If you’re into that sort of thing though, or if you love laughing [...]