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The Late Movies: Oscar Monologues

Yesterday, it was announced that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane will host this year’s Academy Awards. The Oscars have a storied history of hosts, ranging from the iconic Johnny Carson to Bob Hope to David Letterman. The opening monologue is a critical moment in each host’s stint — the first glimpse into whether the evening [...]

RIP Dick Clark

Dick Clark, the man who introduced rock ‘n’ roll to America, died this morning of a heart attack. Clark was best known as the host of the show American Bandstand, on which he appeared for 31 years. Long dubbed “the world’s oldest teenager” because of his boyish appearance, Clark bridged the rebellious new music scene and [...]

Schlock Jocks: TV’s Coolest Horror Hosts

In 1957, Universal Pictures leased a package of classic horror films and forgotten B-movies to television stations across the country. To promote the package, stations hired actors (and sometimes newscasters and weathermen) to play emcees in the guise of mad scientists, vampires and ghouls. By the mid-1960s, almost every major American city had their own [...]

The Late Movies: Ira Glass on Storytelling

Ira Glass, award-winning host of This American Life and sage to all nerdy literate types, knows how to tell a good story. Here, in an interview with Current TV, Glass explains the basics of strong storytelling. Each clip can stand alone, featuring one specific rule about creating a good tale, but watch ‘em one after [...]

The Number of the Day: 1,200

In 2001, famed chef and television host Julia Child donated her entire kitchen to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. The kitchen, which played host to three of Child’s television programs, contained more than 1,200 items, which were inventoried, packed into containers and shipped to the Smithsonian for reassembly. Related Fact: Child’s famous book Mastering [...]

Boy in Serbia claimed to be magnetic

7-year-old Bogdan is able to make a host of different metal objects and even plates stick to his skin. Demonstrating his talent in front of a film cre…

Tipping Properly in Every Food Scenario

Americans know that you are supposed to tip a waiter at a full-service restaurant 15-20% for good service. There is no obligation to tip at all unless the restaurant makes it mandatory, as they sometimes do for large groups. However, in the US, food servers are often paid below the minimum wages as tips are [...]

10 Worst SNL Hosts

Next week is Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, so what better way to celebrate than to look back at the iconic TV series’ worst host ever to be invited on the show? For example: Steven Seagal (April 20, 1991)Seagal bears the special distinction of being the SNL host with the least detectable sense of humor. It’s [...]

Creatures Too Weird and Scary To Be Fake

Some recently discovered animals are proving the old expression about truth being stranger than fiction. This post on Wired examines these terrifying biological monstrosities. The parasite above was discovered by fishermen on the northern coast of France. The massive isopod has a downright evil means of survival—it lives in the mouth of its host and survives [...]