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Horseless Horse Jumping

They don’t have to wear saddles or have steel shoes nailed onto their feet, but otherwise, these horseless equestrian competitors are doing just what their four-legged companions do. At a horseless horse show, riders run horse jumping courses: The species of the participants aside, a horseless show is “pretty much the same” as a regular show, [...]

The Missing Links: Ben Folds Five + The Muppets

A Shot of Reel Life FILMography holds up screenshots from famous films over the NYC locations where they were shot. * Where Was Maxwell’s Silver Hammer When This Lady Was Singing? Have a listen to the worst Beatles covers ever. * Ben Folds Five + The Muppets What’s not to love? Unless you don’t like Ben Folds Five and [...]

Mr. Ed Has Been in the Liquor Cabinet Again

(YouTube link) A Grand Theft Auto mod lets you play the game as a horse. No good could ever come of letting a horse loose behind the wheel of a convertible, I said, and I was right. All this needs is a clip of “Oh, Wilbur!” and a whinny at the end. -via Metafilter

Cheat Sheet: 17 Essential Talking Points on the Kentucky Derby

In advance of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby, here’s our three-minute guide to the most exciting two minutes in sports. © Steve Boyle/Corbis 1. The first Kentucky Derby was run in 1875. It was the brainchild of Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr., who wanted to create an American answer to England’s Epsom Derby. * 2. Clark’s name wasn’t just a fanciful tribute; [...]

Harry Potter Horseplay, Er, Horse Cosplay

Do you want to see horses dressed like Hogwarts students? Buzzfeed can supply them in large quantities. Because that’s what horse owners are doing these days, I guess. See this one? It’s not a custom, one-of-a-kind job. You can buy it from an online retailer that specializes in horse costumes. Link -via The Mary Sue | [...]

Linus the Long Haired Wonder Horse

Have you ever seen a horse with such a luxurious mane? Linus the Wonder Horse was born in 1884, the result of careful breeding for long hair. Linus was exhibited with a circus act, with promotional materials declaring he was of the “Oregon Long-Haired Wild Wonder horse” breed. His mane was 14 feet long, and [...]

How to FedEx a Horse

Many horses will travel to London this summer to participate in the Olympics. But owners can’t just book extra seats on commercial airliners. So when horse owners need to move their steeds over great distances, they turn to Tim Dutta, the owner of a company that specializes in that complex task. When Dutta flies a [...]

Bicycle-Mounted Chainsaw

Yes, you might be able to fight zombies with this weapon. But I think it’s better suited for neighborhood jousting. Who can afford a horse and and armor? Those things are expensive. Just strap your chainsaw onto your bike and charge. -via DVICE | Photo: unknown

The Ballad of @Horse_ebooks

A simple and not-too-effective spam Twitter account has become an internet phenomenon. @Horse_ebooks may or may not be a ‘bot, but the nonsensical snippets that it Tweets, supposedly from the ebooks it is trying to sell, has caused over 25,000 people to follow the account. I tend to liken horse_ebooks to some wacky public access show [...]

Knitted Zoopraxiscope Cap

In 1878, photographer Eadweard Muybridge settled a wager made on a widely-debated question: do all four hooves of a horse leave the ground when it runs? Muybridge set up a line of cameras, each of which was triggered when the horse ran into strings placed across its path. The resulting images settled the debate (all [...]