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How to Make Unicorn Horn Cookies

To make kristylynn84’s unicorn horn cookies, first make sugar cookie dough in several different colors. Roll them into sticks, then twist them around cream horn forms. Make small circular cookies to serve as caps. Bake, then stuff with candy. Shoot, make them big enough, and you could probably fill them with unicorn poop cookies. Link -via That’s [...]

Car Horns for the Demanding Standards of Mumbai Drivers

If you’re going to drive in Mumbai, you’ll have to be tough. And you’ll have to drive a car that will endure the challenges of that city’s roads and traffic. Mumbai drivers, apparently, honk their horns a lot. Enough that standard car horns on European cars aren’t up the job. That’s why German carmaker Audi [...]

Inflatable Unicorn Horn

Inflatable Unicorn Horn – $7.95 Are you looking for a way to get in touch with your inner magical woodland beast? You need the Inflatable Unicorn Horn from the NeatoShop. Who knew an inflatable hat could make you feel so wild, pure, and full of grace! Are you really a Narwhal lover? The Inflatable Unicorn Horn is [...]

Was the Uffington Horse really a unicorn?

Campaigners have proposed adding a 75ft horn to the famous 3000-year-old chalk horse in Uffington. A growing number of historians and campaigners beli…

Shoe Horn

Shoe Horn – $14.95 Whether you are a shoehorn / shoespooner collector, or just have trouble getting on your shoes in the morning, the NeatoShop has got the tool for you. Behold the very punny Shoe Horn. It’s a shoehorn. It’s a horn. It’s a Shoe Horn. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for fun Tools [...]

Pyrophonia: Music on Fire

“Flaming” and “on fire” are words used all the time for musicians who are “burning it up,” or playing with talent and fervor. The phrases are usually not meant to be taken literally. But the universal human fascination with fire and music is sometimes combined into instruments that are literally on fire. And they come [...]

Chinese Woman with Horn in Her Forehead | Woman Horn

Woman with Horn After more than an hour of surgery, the woman ? commonly called Yanv- who grew a big horn on her head has finally got rid of the giant horn. Doctors from Treatment Center of Skin Diseases in Beijing Military General Hospital told the reporter that the surgery was successful. The woman is awake [...]

Konis Hupen By Hoch Tirol

(YouTube link) Now I want a horn suit! Not that I could play it like Koni can… Link -via the Presurfer

Chinese Man Grows Horn On His Head

An elderly man in southern China has baffled medical experts after he began to grow a horn on his head. Huang Yuanfan, 84, says that the strange growth began as a small bump two years ago but just continued to grow. “I tried picking at it and even filing it but nothing changed it. The horn [...]

Unicorn Cow

It has been reported that a cow in China has grown a horn in the center of its forehead: Farmer Jia Kebing noticed a small bump on this cow’s forehead when it was born two years ago but didn’t expect it to grow into a 20cm (8in) horn. ‘My farm is famous in this region for [...]