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Man Paid School Tuition with Mail-In Rebates

It sounded like a plot straight out of Seinfeld, but Jonathan Hood really did pay his school tuition with mail-in rebates. Most companies send rebates in the form of prepaid debit cards, while [...]

Rarely Seen Disney Short – Redux Riding Hood

(YouTube Link) This rarely seen short was directed by Steve Moore, and he’s been trying to get it out of the Disney vaults for the last 15 years so he can show his work to the world. Redux Riding Hood was nominated for an academy award in 1997, and there’s still no clear reason given why [...]

19 Amazing Facts About Stuff We Saw at Toys R Us

Over on Instagram, we’ve been taking pictures of things and offering up slightly amusing facts about them. So far we’ve toured a grocery store and public library. Next up: Toys R Us! For our latest field trip, I dragged along my three-year-old daughter Charlotte. She was paid in coloring books and a Bubble Guppies DVD. This [...]

Wedding as a Performance Art

Photo: Geoff Pugh Theme weddings are all the rage, but it takes a true avant-garde artist to turn your own wedding into a performance art. That’s what Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis did on [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Rejected Titles for Toy Story

Today is Toy Story‘s 16th birthday! The Pixar classic hit theaters on November 22, 1995. Back in August, Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich tweeted some of the alternate titles that were suggested for the franchise, probably with varying degrees of seriousness. Here are ten. 1. Made in Taiwan * 2. The New Toy * 3. Moving Buddies * 4. Toyz [...]

Charter School modeled on UK School

Urban Prep, also known as “Hogwarts in the Hood,” is a charter school located in inner-city Chicago. According to its website, the similarities between Hogwarts and Urban Prep include school houses. Whereas the wizarding school has four houses–Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin–Urban Prep has six “Prides” that compete against each other for academic, athletic, and extracurricular [...]

Awesome Car Hood Ornaments

Through the ages, the classiest cars always had fancy hood ornaments. They began as radiator caps and continued even after the caps retreated under the hood. They began to disappear in the 1960s, so now you only see them on fine classic cars -or as art objects by themselves. See a wide variety of all [...]

Woodsman Coffee Table

It’s a simple but elegant design. The Woodsman table, by designer Chris Duffy, takes its inspiration from the folktale “Little Red Riding Hood.” Link via Born Rich


(YouTube link) This may look like the story of Little Red Riding Hood, but this girl is unlike any Red Riding Hood you’ve seen before. Would this concept make a good full-length film? There’s also a video on how the wolves were created. -Thanks, Patrick A. Prejusa!

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Eco Bag

Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Eco Bag – $15.95 This one is cute and clever: The Little Red Riding Hood eco-friendly shopping bag from the NeatoShop comes with a wolf plush carrying pouch. Unzip the wolf to reveal Little Red Riding Hood inside! Link | More fun Bag & Totes