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RIP Daniel Inouye

Senator Daniel Inouye became a U.S. Representative on the day that Hawaii became a state, on August 21, 1959. He was elected Senator in 1962, and became the longest-serving member of the Senate. But he was already quite accomplished before entering politics. Inouye was a teenager in Honolulu when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and [...]

10 Things Created Over a Couple of Beers

After a few beers at the bar, even the most ridiculous ideas start to seem like The One That Will Make Millions. Sometimes, though, those ideas actually pan out. Here are a few reasons to take your next tipsy brainstorming session a little more seriously. 1. Southwest Airlines Getty Images In 1966, lawyer Herb Kelleher’s client, Rollin King, [...]

Meter Monster

Meter Monster wants your quarters and fingers. Hanasaurusrex left this yarn bomb on a parking meter in Honolulu, Hawaii. Link -via Booooooom! | Crafter’s Website

23 Bizarre Things Ceremonially Dropped on New Year’s Eve

Don’t live anywhere near New York City, but still desperate to see something – anything – drop during a countdown to 2012 on New Year’s Eve? We can help. (Well, we can help some of you. You might have to go on a road trip.) Check out these places that have put their own twists on [...]

11 Expansion Teams That Just Missed the Cut

When the NFL expansion committee headed by current league commissioner Roger Goodell awarded franchises to Charlotte and Jacksonville in 1993, three other prospective teams with nicknames, logos, and color schemes already unveiled and season ticket deposits sold, were left disappointed. Here are the stories of those three (almost) teams and eight other failed expansion bids [...]

The Planning of Pearl Harbor

Photo: Bob Landry/TIME & LIFE Pictures On December 7, 1941, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched an incredibly daring, technically sophisticated combined naval-aerial surprise attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, just northwest of Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The devastating aerial attack carried out by Japanese fighters, dive-bombers and torpedo planes crippled [...]

The Deadly Dole Air Race

The Dole Air Race of August 16, 1927 was from Oakland, California, to Honolulu, Hawaii, for a prize of $35,000. Fifteen planes were registered. Eleven qualified to start. Two crashed on the way to the starting point, and another crashed during a test flight before the race. Things only got worse once the race began. On [...]

Get Out! How 8 Dictators Spent Their Exile Years

As civil war rages in Libya, many observers are calling for Qaddafi to step down and go into exile. This wouldn’t be the first time an oppressive leader has stepped aside in exchange for a relatively comfortable retirement abroad. We’ve compiled this handy list of famous exiled emperors and dictators for reference. 1. Napoleon Bonaparte (Elba [...]

The Happiest Man in America

Statistically speaking, anyways. Every year, Gallup polled randomly selected American adults about their lives, including how happy they are: The New York Times asked Gallup to come up with a statistical composite for the happiest person in America, based on the characteristics that most closely correlated with happiness in 2010. Men, for example, tend to be [...]

Origamido Studio Origami Shop

Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander have got one of the best shops EVAR: it’s all about origamis! Guy Kawasaki of Alltop visited Origamido Studio in Honolulu, Hawaii, and snapped some awesome photos: Link (My favorite is the mathematical origamis above) | More at Origamido’s website