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Zombie Bees

Poor bees. First, there’s the honeybee colonies collapse disorder, then there’s this: a parasite that turns bees into zombies. Honeybees (Apis mellifera) in California and South Dakota have [...]

30 vs 30,000

(YouTube Link) A few years ago, Alex ran a post on the Japanese hornet, a particularly large and “mean flying machine.” As pointed out, the hornets prey on smaller honeybees, but can often be baked alive by a swarm. Interesting, but that’s not what happens here as 30 hornets lay waste to a colony of 30,000 [...]

Bomb-Sniffing Bees

Photo: Inscentinel For a few years, a British company called Inscentinel has been developing chemical-detecting honeybees for security and sanitation purposes. Bees are trained to respond to certain smells and then are loaded into cartridges that suck in air from an object. When they alert, the user knows that the chemical is present in the sample. [...]