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Old Card Catalog Cabinet Now Used as a Planter

Grace Light, a resident of Hawaii, loves air plants. She’s found the perfect home for them in one of her many old library card catalog cabinets. It’s now a “botanical cabinet of curiosities.” Link

Can’t Own Your Own Critter? Then Play With One on the Internet Instead

Whether you have allergies or just can’t have cats in your own home, you can finally live out your virtual pet ownership fantasies thanks to iPet Companion, which allows you to play with shelter critters online. Now that’s a gret comprimise that also ensures adoptable animals stay entertained in their kennels. Link Via The Mary Sue

Bat Smoothies

Bev Brown runs the Ashburton Wildlife Shelter in Victoria, Australia, home to endangered grey-headed flying foxes. In this gallery, you’ll see a 12-week-old bat named Camilla enjoy Bev’s special fruit smoothies she makes as a treat for the animals on hot days. Who knew you could drink a smoothie while hanging upside-down? Link -via Metafilter (Image [...]

Abandoned Zoo Turned Into Street Art Gallery

(YouTube Link) The ruins of an abandoned zoo in Torino, Italy have been given new life, repurposed into a Street Art Museum by the Border Land Project. It’s now home to many amazing works of graffiti art, some of which feature animals that once called the zoo home.  Enjoy the video tour, it’s well worth the price of [...]

17 Famous Actors in Tiny Background Parts

Before they were headlining movies and TV shows, these celebs were just like everyone else trying to make it in Hollywood: thrilled to call home to report that the “Flight Attendant #3” role was totally in the bag. Check out a few of today’s big names back when they were cast as no-names. 1. Jason Segel [...]

Lost Boy Kept Warm by Puppies

Kyle Camp of Hackleburg, Alabama is a 10-year-old with Down Syndrome. He went missing Tuesday evening, and a search was launched by the Marion County Sheriff’s office and local volunteers. The state police also deployed a helicopter to find Kyle. On Wednesday morning, volunteer Jamie Swinney followed the family’s dog down by a creek bank, [...]

UFO hovers in sky for 5 hours over Scotland

A family were left shaken after seeing strange lights in the sky near their home for several hours. Grandmother Morag Ritchie was the first to witness…

Chests of Drawers Made from Vintage Suitcases

These chests by Hannah Plumb and James Russell could help any home look like a 1940s era hotel room. They’re made with old suitcases modified to serve as drawers. Many still have luggage tags attached, which I think is a nice detail. Link | Artists’ Website

Winnebago Birdhouse

A good camper can provide all of the comforts of home. Some lucky bird will get this house by Ethan Allan Smith. It’s one of many artist-submitted birdhouses being auctioned this Friday by LAIKA, the animation studio that made the movie Coraline. You can view more at the link. Link -via Super Punch | Photo: Ethan [...]

Austin’s Architect Of The Junk Cathedral

(Vimeo Link) A house full of junk may not seem like the ideal place to live, but Austin’s self-proclaimed Junk King Vince Hannemann feels right at home amongst the piles of rubble. He’s converted his home into an outsider artist’s paradise, with junk piled up in such thick layers that it’s virtually impossible to discern where it [...]