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Domo Costume

Domo Costume – $59.95 Halloween is right around the corner! Are you ready to get your Domo on?  Now with the Domo Costume from the NeatoShop you can pay homage to your favorite apple hating monster. The best part of dressing up like Domo? When you fart in public you can tell people it’s all part [...]

One Man’s Face, 12.5 Years

Photographer Noah Kalina has been taking a picture of himself every day since January 11, 2000. He’s so dedicated to his “Everyday” project that he made an app for it. Today he released a video compiling all the photographs so far — 4,514 photos in sequence, showing his unsmiling face staring into a [...]

Big Mac Steam-Baked Buns

No, no Big Mac is hurt in the making of the Big Mac Steam-Baked Buns (think of it as an homage of the McDonald’s burger), but that doesn’t diminish the nom nom quality of this vegan creation by Julia of No [...]

Sandwich Artist

Growing up, Brittany Powell of Low-Commitment Projects probably didn’t listen to her mom not to play with her food … and that’s a good thing! She has just created a series called Sandwich Artist, [...]

Minecraft Epic Rap By Dan Bull

(YouTube Link) Who knew the hip hop community would embrace a video game like Minecraft? Well, maybe we won’t be seeing a Lil Wayne homage to Minecraft anytime soon, but Dan Bull has definitely caught pixel mania.  Check out his Minecraft Epic Rap video and tell me what you think. Fair warning, though, some of the [...]

The Many Faces of Spock

Being a fan of the classic Star Trek series, it’s only logical that Ramsey Sibaja drew an homage of Spock re-imagined as various iconic characters: This is a homage and at the same time a parody of sorts for all us Spock aficionados. A what if, concept of Spock in different roles. Spock as Che Guevara, Spock [...]

Star Wars Adidas

Geeks and geekettes rejoice, you can finally buy a sweet pair of styling shoes that pay homage to your favorite sci-fi movie. The one pictured above is the Luke Skywalker version. I think the coolest is the slave Princess Leia one in purple and gold, but to be fair, it probably won’t match most of [...]

Chanel Samurai Armor

No, Chanel isn’t marketing to the ComicCon crowd. This is a work by artist Tetsuya Noguchi in homage to the famous French design house. Pink Tentacle assembled a photogallery of the suit. Link

Woofer: The Anti-Twitter

For those of us who simply don’t get Twitter or are tired of the Web’s fascination with the 140-character microblogging platform, here’s the anti-Twitter. Introducing macroblogging wonder Woofer, where each post has a minimum of 1,400 characters! (And yes, the entire thing is a spoof/homage of Twitter, made by Join the Company) Link – via InventorSpot [...]