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Reindeer Papercraft

As everyone is feeling the Holiday spirit, take a break from the rigors of gift unwrapping and feast eating to build this beautifuly creative Papercraft Reindeer with friends and family. Brought to us by the people at Media Molecule, all the instructions and cutouts you need are here.  Images credit Media Molecule | Via Super Punch

The Fascinating Origins of 10 Christmas Traditions

Mistletoe, by Auntie P. on Flickr Ever wonder why we give each other gifts at Christmas? Or what the deal is with wreaths, kissing under mistletoe, and stocking stuffers? And what’s up with Boxing Day, Canada?  [W]e tell our kids that a fat man is coming into our house at night; we bring in trees in to [...]

Polar Bears Are Big Into Halloween

People tend to assume that because polar bears live up north mean that their favorite holiday is Christmas, but that’s just speciest. If you really get to know them, you’ll find out that most polar bears prefer Halloween. Here’s one really getting into the holiday spirit with a fun witch statue. Link

I’m Dreaming of A White Dalek

This guy is just waiting to EXTERMINATE any scrooges out there who haven’t gotten into the holiday spirit yet. If I actually lived somewhere with snow, I’d be out there making one of these right now. Link Via The Mary Sue

Musical Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

Musical Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree – $34.95 Are you having trouble getting into the holiday spirit? Recapture your Christmas joy with the Musical Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree from the NeatoShop. This adorable 24″ tree plays the Peanuts theme song. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Christmas Decorations. Link

12 Homes with serious Christmas decorations

I live near some big homes in Los Angeles owned by some pretty big names in the entertainment industry. They love to go all out during the Holidays decorating their homes, starting with Halloween and then, of course, during Christmas time. Some even hire actors to play parts on their front lawns! No joke. All [...]

Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Are you big on holiday spirit, but short on time? Inflatable Christmas Decorations from the NeatoShop can help. Below is a simple step by step guide to creating instant cheer. Step one. Decorate your stoop with the Inflatable Wreath. Inflatable Wreath – $19.95 Step 2. Inflate the table top Christmas Tree. Inflatable Christmas Tree (ornaments not included) – $11.95 Step [...]

Vintage Christmas Ads

I remember when a carton of cigarettes was considered a nice Christmas gift. After all, they were three or four dollars a carton! Flickr has tons of old ads like these that might bring back memories or put you in the holiday spirit or possibly horrify you. Link -via J-Walk Blog (Image credit: Flickr user clotho98)

Eggnog Soap

Eggnog Soap – $5.95 It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas around here. Now you too can bathe in the holiday spirit with Eggnog Soap from the NeatoShop. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop’s selection of unusual soaps.

How to Ruin Christmas in 29 Easy Steps

I’m as big a fan of Christmas as the next person, but I’m wary of celebrating too much. I like a little eggnog, a few presents, a carol or two. But festive sweaters every day for a month, 10,000 watts of intricate lighting in your yard and holiday-themed songs on the stereo from morning ’till [...]