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When Sherlock Meets Smaug

After Benedict Cumberbatch was announced as the actor behind Smaug in The Hobbit, it was only a matter of time before people started creating art combining his two most famous characters. io9 has a great collection of such creations, including this piece by DeviantArt user Ocean-Crystal. Link

10 Cool Trivia Facts About The Hobbit

We already presented you with some fun trivia about the book-version of The Hobbit, but if you’re interested in learning more about the behind the scenes actions involved with making the film version, io9 has you covered with all kinds of neat facts. For example: Smaug Stole All Of New Zealand’s Gold (Paint) The greedy dragon’s [...]

“How Strong Is a Hobbit?” — A Physicist Looks at The Hobbit

Scientists see the world very differently than non-scientists do. While you and I may read or watch The Lord of the Rings and think of it as a compelling work of fantasy, Rhett Alain, a college physics instructor, sees physical quandaries to resolve. For example, relative to a human, how strong is a hobbit? Alain offers [...]

Nine Ways To Bide Your Time Waiting for The Hobbit

The first film of The Hobbit trilogy hits theaters on December 14th. Lord of the Rings fans have been waiting for years to get their Tolkien movie fix, and some of them are getting pretty antsy at this point. Geeks Are Sexy, the folks who know how hard it is to wait for your favorite [...]

Behind the Scenes of The Hobbit Post-Production

Readying a film for theatrical release is a lengthy process that involves completing special and visual effects, editing scenes together, and even creating sequences from scratch—so it’s no surprise that the process often goes down to the wire. With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson and his crew are taking that to the extreme: [...]

Hobbit Food

Why watchThe Hobbit when you could eat The Hobbit? In my opinion, this is probably the single greatest food promotion of all time. Pure genius. I am googling where the closest Denny’s is to my house right now. Check out this video promotion at G4. The promotion starts November 6th, so get your affairs in [...]

Hobbit coins to become legal tender

New Zealand is to release a series of ‘The Hobbit’ coins that will be considered legal tender. To commemorate the upcoming release of Peter Jackson’s …

Don’t Mess With The Hob-Bot

(YouTube Link) He’s come from the future to save the Shire’s past, one goofy looking Orc at a time. It seems folks are getting impatient waiting for Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit to hit the big screen, so hopefully these ridiculous furry footed comedy videos will continue to hit the interwebs! –via Topless Robot

Hobbit Hole Playhouse

Forget treehouses! This is what kids and the young-at-heart want: Hobbit hole playhouse, built by Etsy seller Wooden Wonders of Maine. Nerd Approved has more pics: Link

Totally Trippy Retro Animatic For The Hobbit

(YouTube Link) Way before Peter Jackson turned the works of Tolkien into an epic series of movies, before Rankin Bass presented us with an awesome animated version of the books, there was another animated version in the works. And by the looks of this animatic for The Hobbit, which was created by animator Gene Dietch in 1966, [...]