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Bigfoot hoaxer killed during road prank

A man in a costume attempting to pull off a Bigfoot hoax was killed after being hit by two cars. 44-year-old Randy Lee Tenley had put on a military-st…

Lessons from America’s Greatest Prankster

Hoax master Alan Abel has been fooling reporters and hoodwinking the public for more than 50 years. Here, he reveals a few of his tricks. Most careers aren’t launched by the sight of a cow and a bull copulating in the middle of a road. But Alan Abel doesn’t have a typical gig. One day in [...]

Did the Shroud of Turin spread Christianity?

Whether it’s a hoax or not, the shroud may have played a significant role in the spread of Christianity. The origins and authenticity of the Shroud of…

‘Poo tattoo’ exposed as hoax ?

The story of a man who tattooed a picture of a pile of excrement on his ex-lover is thought to be a hoax. The story alleged that Rossie Brovent was su…

New System Lets You Check into Foursquare the Same Way that Dogs Check into Fire Hydrants

Let’s get right into it, shall we? Mark Your Territory is a new system that lets individuals check-in to foursquare by physically urinating at the actual location. Social networking has gone too far. Because, you know, it’s just a matter of time before Facebook tries to duplicate this. Then it’ll be everywhere. Please let this be a [...]

Paleontologist: sea monsters are plausible

Dr Darren Naish believes that there have been too many sightings for the Loch Ness Monster to be a hoax. The debate over the possible existence of lar…

Belgium UFO a fake ?

A famous photograph of a triangular UFO over Belgium taken 20 years ago is allegedly a hoax. A man who identifies himself only as Patrick has come for…

The Hoax Archive

Got some time to kill and an internet connection? You’ve got hoaxes! The Hoax Archive (aka Museum of Hoaxes) catalogues historical hoaxes by both date and category. Some favorite categories of mine: Travel and Exploration Hoaxes; Extraterrestrial Life Hoaxes; and April Fool’s Day Hoaxes. Here’s a summary of the Patagonian Giants hoax (categorized as a [...]

More like FAKEbook Tattoo, Am I Right?

So it seems Susyj87’s briefly infamous Facebook friends tattoo was a hoax. Not only was the tattoo a fake (a transfer that only lasted a few days), but the video itself was a promo piece for a company called Pretty Social that makes custom gift items using your Facebook photos. As much as I hated [...]

"Alien invasion" hoax taken seriously in 1967

Newly released UFO files recount a hoax that sparked fears of a real life alien invasion in the 1960s. On September 4th 1967 four police forces, bomb …