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The Five Most Hated Styles Of Moustache

Movember, aka when guys use charity as an excuse to grow a sad little patch of hair on their upper lips, is quickly drawing to a close, but before it goes let’s explore the five most hated types of moustache. There’s the Hitler stache, Porn stache, Pube stache (as worn by Michael Cera above), Lady stache [...]

Ignore Hitler

Michael is a Scottish artist and blogger who plays Draw Something, the popular game where people guess words from other’s drawings. Only Michael always draws Hitler. Hitler usually has nothing to do with the target word, so the words “ignore Hitler” are also included. He’s done this so much that he has posted his drawings [...]

Man claims to be Hitler’s grandson

56-year-old Philippe Loret believes that his father Jean-Marie Loret was Hitler’s secret lovechild. Philippe had avoided going public with his claim w…

Did Hitler escape to Argentina ?

A new book has challenged the idea that Hitler killed himself in Berlin and that he’d fled to Argentina. “There is no forensic evidence for his, or Ev…

One Man Against Tyranny

You may be familiar with Claus von Stauffenberg, who conspired to kill Hitler with a bomb and who’s plot was the basis for the Tom Cruise film Valkyrie. But do you know about the many other attempts on Hitler’s life? One involved Georg Elser, who worked alone for a year on a plan to destroy [...]

The Bizarre Plan to Turn Hitler into a Woman

There were a lot of plans in place for taking Hitler down (Captain America’s punch to the face notwithstanding) that never quite panned out. Among them, an inventive and elaborate scheme to turn the Fuhrer into a woman: Cardiff University professor Brian Ford says he uncovered the plan while reviewing recently declassified documents for his new book, Secret [...]

The Nazi Sex Doll Initiative

It appears the Third Reich pioneered one of the weirder sides of human sexuality—catering to the need of lonely men to have intercourse with inflatable playthings. According to Mussolini’s Barber, a new book by Graeme Donald documenting bizarre episodes from military history, the Nazi sex doll project was launched in response to concerns that German soldiers [...]

Operation Barbarossa: The Biggest Military Adventure in History

June 22nd marks the 70th anniversary of Operation Barbarossa, Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union — the biggest military adventure in history, which led directly to the downfall of Adolf Hitler’s murderous regime. Together with the Holocaust that followed it, Operation Barbarossa was the ultimate expression of Hitler’s twisted vision, reflecting both the vaulting [...]

10 Global Businesses That Worked With The Nazis

This list details how current global brands and companies worked with history’s most hated regime. Some of these businesses were German to begin with, but what I thought was an urban legend about Fanta being made by the Coca Cola company specifically for war time Germany turns out to be true. It’s scary just how [...]

Nazis tried to create army of talking dogs

Jan Bondeson reveals that in the 1920s the Germans attempted to take advantage of dog intelligence. Hitler allegedly agreed to have an “animal talking…