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The Nerdiest Wedding Rings Ever

For his wedding, redditor joeythehobo had rings of Damascus steel inscribed as you see here. As you can see, the wedding went off without a hitch. Or with a “hitch,” as it were. Link -via @johncfarrier

Lamborghini with a Mattress on Its Roof

Sure, you could rent a U-Haul truck, but those are expensive. And apparently this guy in Toronto hadn’t thought ahead and installed a trailer hitch when he bought his Lamborghini Gallardo. That should be an automatic decision: buy a car, get a hitch. -via Jalopnik

The Hitchcock Recipe

Hitch from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo. I went through a bit of a Hitchcock craze earlier in life, so I really enjoy this short film, Hitch, created by a group of German grad students. Even if you’re a Hitchcock novice, the creativity of this film – dubbed as “The Ultimate Hitch Cookbook” – will do a [...]

How to Cook Hitchcock

Hitch from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo. This film short, designed and produced by Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco and Torsten Strer, tells you exactly how to cook up films like the famed director. It’s sprinkled liberally with Hitchcock references, from the MacGuffin martini to the chocolate syrup used for blood in the Psycho shower scene. And the [...]