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Hippo Mask

Hippo Mask – $21.95 Are you on the hunt for a Halloween mask that fits your fierce, yet adorable, personality. You need the Hippo Mask from the NeatoShop. This dangerously cute mask is made of latex and has hand painted details. It is the perfect way to get in touch with your inner Hippopotamus.    Be sure [...]

Taken with a Real Dad

(YouTube link) He’s not Liam Neeson. In fact, he’s probably more like the dads you actually know. This video from Captain Hippo reminds us why we watch movies -to see something that doesn’t happen in everyday life. -via Gorilla Mask

Baby Hippopotamus is Graceful Underwater

(Video Link) Adhama, a five-month old hippo at the San Diego Zoo, probably can’t dance on land. But she sure can swim with finesse! -via Uniblog

Hippo Potty Mouth

Hippo Potty Mouth by Amanda Flagg – $14.95 Got a friend who %^!#@#$% loves to swear? The Hippo Potty Mouth from the NeatoShop is the perfect T-shirt for ‘em! Check out our newest in Funny T-shirts and Science T-shirts, starting from just $9.95!

Incredible Hulk: The Musical

(Video Link) Hulk: Inside and Out is, unfortunately, not a real musical. It’s just a sketch by the comedy troupe Captain Hippo. via Nerd Bastards | Official Website Previously: Hulk Smash Oppressive Phallocracy!

Pink Hippo

Brothers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas were on a trip to the Masai Mara in Kenya where they spotted an unusually pink baby hippo sunning along the riverbanks! The hippo was clearly a young one since it was much smaller than the others in the group. It was also very shy and tended to stick close to [...]

Russian Roulette for Kids

Kaba Kick is a toy available in…well, somewhere in East Asia, presumably. It’s like Russian roulette, but for kids: The player points the gun at his or her own head and pulls the trigger. Instead of bullets, a pair of feet kick out from the barrel (which is shaped like a pink hippo). If the gun [...]