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The World’s Tastiest iPhone

Pssshh…using your iPhone to call, text and surf the web is so 2011. The real hip iPhone users are eating theirs…or at least the hip people in China who are able to get their hands on the iPhone 5 popsicle. Oddly, while there are mango and pear flavored options, there’s no apple flavor. Link Via Kotaku

Hipster Kids Eyeglasses

Let’s face the god-awful truth: you will never ever be as hip as these hipster kids, especially when they wear those oh-so-cool Very French Gangsters prescription eyeglasses. Whodathunk that being four-eyes is now the new hotness? Link [...]

Man unable to stop laughing for two years

Huug Bosse from Denmark was unable to stop laughing after undergoing a hip operation two years ago. His long suffering wife has found his non-stop hys…

Lampshades Made from Recycled Coffee Filters

These would be great for a hip coffee shop! Etsy seller Vilma Farrell uses old coffee filters to add colors and shapes to lampshades. Link -via Dude Craft

Brett Domino Trio Rocks Their Cover Of Earthquake

(YouTube Link) These geektastic electronic musicians play the kind of songs that make you want to click your left mouse button excessively while nerding out online. They have a style all their own, part electronic, part hip hop, with some nerdcore rapping thrown in. Their songs would make the ultimate soundtrack for nearly every video game ever [...]

Paralympian Eyes Olympics

Dutch athlete Monique van der Vorst became paralyzed from the hip down during a surgical operation when she was 13 years old, and used a wheelchair afterward. She also suffered a spinal cord injury in 2008. Meanwhile, she became a cyclist, using her hands for propulsion, and won two silver medals at the 2008 [...]

The Late Movies: Nintendo Preview Music Jam

Tonight on The Late Movies, an important historical document of the early 1990s: Nintendo Preview Music Jam. Although there are only three volumes online, they give us three hours of video game AND hip hop nostalgia, rolled into a nice package. What’s going on here? Basically, it’s somebody playing Nintendo games [...]

Dancers Among Us

I’d fall and break a hip if I tried that, but thankfully photographer Jordan Matter used (real flexible) dancers to pose in various public locations as part of his project. Behold, Dancers Among Us: Link – via Laughing Squid