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Sorry, Giant George: Zeus Is Now the World’s Tallest Dog

Zeus is 44 inches tall, just like my 7-year-old. But Zeus is only three, and standing on his hind legs, measures 7 feet 4 inches tall. If there were an all-dog basketball league, Zeus would be Manute Bol. He edges out former record-holder Giant George by a single inch, but the 12 cups of food [...]

Tricerachops Placemats

Tricerachops Placemats – $17.95 Are you looking for a fun gift for your favorite dinosaur loving picky eater? You need the Tricerchops Placemats from the NeatoShop. This fantastic imaginative set includes 4 easy to clean wooden placemats featuring possible meat cuts of a triceratops: Chuck Brisket Fore Shank Rib Short Loin Sirloin Short Plate Flank Rump Round Tail End tail Hind shank I know what you are thinking, triceratops [...]

The Brutal Truth Behind Boxing Kangaroos

Photo: Julian Robinson [Flickr] The term “Boxing kangaroo” brought to my mind a cartoon image of a kangaroo with boxing gloves, but in the wild, these roo fights are less like boxing and more like brutal knife fights. Photographer Julian Robinson (aaardvaark on Flickr) observed: Bouncing nimbly on powerful hind legs, sizing each other up, the two [...]