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Animal Pocket Knife

David Suhami’s Animal Pocket Knife is a fun toy that can unfold into three different animals: The safari “knife” is completely harmless, yet still beautiful enough to be appealing to discerning adult minds. The object features interchangeable heads, legs and tails for three animals: a rhino, an antelope and a giraffe.  If, like me, you have a warped [...]

Sorry, Giant George: Zeus Is Now the World’s Tallest Dog

Zeus is 44 inches tall, just like my 7-year-old. But Zeus is only three, and standing on his hind legs, measures 7 feet 4 inches tall. If there were an all-dog basketball league, Zeus would be Manute Bol. He edges out former record-holder Giant George by a single inch, but the 12 cups of food [...]

Super Mario: The World’s Greatest Piece of Surrealist Art?

Imagine having to explain Super Mario Bros. to someone who has never seen it before. Does it sound like a cute video game or is it more like a piece of surrealist art? Mike Rugnetta of PBS [...]

ATB: All Terrain Bunny

One day, the O’Rourke family of Tucson, Arizona, found a couple of abandoned bunnies in their backyard. Joe, one of the bunnies turns out to be a paraplegic, so young Liam O’Rourke designed this clever little device: the ATB (All Terrain Bunny). Check it out: There was a reason the mother rabbit abandoned them. Paul O’Rourke realized [...]

Three-Legged Bear Walks Upright

(YouTube Link) This video shows a wild bear with three legs. Presumably it was born without a front leg or lost it later in life. The bear gets up on his hind legs and walks like a human. Is it real or fake? via Urlesque

Elephants Trained to Play Basketball

Elephants at the Island Safari Centre on Koh Samui, Thailand have been trained to play basketball: “It takes two or three months of intensive training to teach them basics, but fortunately their standards are improving with each passing day”, said organiser Ning. The keepers begin by teaching the elephants basic ball control skills, and how to hold [...]