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This Is a Cucumber

Specifically, it’s a Sikkim cucumber. The plant originated in the Himalayas but can now be found in gardens around the world. Marla Aufmuth spotted this one at the National Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa, California.  Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Marla Aufmuth

Most Dangerous Roads in the World, Part 7

“QUANTUM SHOT” #793 Link – article by Avi Abrams Crazy Routes in India and Tibet Today we present another (long-overdue) installment in our popular series The World’s Most Dangerous Roads, and we have to shudder showing you these vertigo-inducing images (although some hardened drivers may say “oh, shucks, it’s nothing [...]

7 of the World’s Craziest Roads

Pack the jerky, a few friends, and maybe a few extra hundreds for those hefty gas prices. ‘Tis the season for summer road trips! In the spirit of all things cruise control, here are just a few of the world’s craziest roads to either try out or actively avoid for your next bus/car/bike/trike/motorcycle adventure. Happy [...]

Inside the ER at Mt. Everest

Every spring, many thousands of Westerners travel high in the Himalayas to climb Everest and other mountains. Because of them, many thousands of Nepalese work to guide them, carry their belongings, and build facilities for the tourists -all at altitudes at which people do not normally live. Dr. Luanne Freer established a medical clinic at [...]

Lost tiger population found in Himalayas

The highest known living tigers have been discovered high up in the Himalayas by the BBC’s Natural History Unit. Trail cams set up some 4,000 metres a…

Another Global Warming Menace: Black Carbon!

[YouTube Clip] Just when you thought that the world is safe from the One World Government that is meeting in Copenhagen, here comes another menace: black carbon. Okay, okay. We know it more commonly as soot, but you have to admit it sounds much cooler when you say “black carbon.” A new modeling study from NASA confirms [...]