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The Truman Show Delusion

The popularity of reality shows have given rise to a new type of mental illness, dubbed the "Truman Show" delusion, where patients think that they’re being secretly filmed: Nicholas Marzano believes he’s the subject of a secret reality [...]

Watch A Dog Play With A Pig, Then Smile

(Video Link) These two critters are rescued animals that now reside over at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Aren’t they adorable together? Via Geekosystem

Tabitha the Pig and Susie the Dog, BFF

Your cute video of the day is brought to you by the Hillside Animal Sanctuary, where Tabitha the Pig plays with her best buddy Susie the Dog. Andrew Hough and Martin Coutts of The Telegraph has the story: Five-week-old Tabitha was found close [...]