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The Abandoned Cold War Listening Station

On a hill called Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain) near Berlin, an abandoned facility complete with “radar domes” stands. It was once used as a listening station for the US to intercept Soviet communications, and then abandoned when West and East Berlin were reunited. It was built over top the remains of a Nazi war college. Exploring [...]

Downhill Carnage

(vimeo link) A particularly steep hill caused grief for many competitors at the BUCS Cycling Championships at Moelfre Hall Downhill Track in Wales. If you think the hill doesn’t look all that steep in this video, notice the angle of the spectators. Bonus: Banana Splits music by The Dickies. Link -via Metafilter

A Corporation Has Announced It Will Run For Congress

YouTube link. Murray Hill Incorporated has just announced its intention to run for Congress in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District. Murray Hill Inc. is believed to be the first “corporate person” to exercise its constitutional right to run for office. As Supreme Court observer Lyle Denniston wrote in his SCOTUSblog, “If anything, the decision in Citizens United v. [...]

Joules, The Bicycle-Riding Robot

(YouTube Link) Engineer Carl Morgan’s son complained that a certain hill was too hard to climb on his bicycle. Could his dad invent a machine to help him power over these inclines? The answer came in “Joules”, an electrically-powered robot that rides in the back seat of a tandem bicycle: Morgan spent months modeling how to transform [...]

Knight created by Salvation Mountain

Leonard Knight created by Salvation Mountain colorful Salvation Mountain is a colorful art installation covering much of a small hill north of Calipatria, California, near Slab City. It is made from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of paint. It was created by Leonard Knight to convey the message that “God Loves Everyone”. Mr. Knight refused [...]

Masatrigo Hill Nature’s Perfect Cone

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly perfect, but Masatrigo Hill, or Cerro Masatrigo is as close as you can get to finding a natural cone-shaped landmark. Cerro Masatrigo, or Masatrigo Hill, is a cone-shaped hill located in Badajoz province (Extremadura autonomous community) in western Spain. Geographically Masatrigo Hill also lies in the territory of La Siberia [...]