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Louis C.K. as Lincoln

If you are anything like me, then you love Louis C.K. If you are not like me you might still like Louis C.K., but on the rare occasion that you are both not like me and you do not like Louis C.K… well then I have nothing for you at this junction. Louis was on [...]

Hilarious Bad Prom Pictures

Prom night can be a terrifying and wondrous experience, full of fashion faux pas, unexpected acne outbreaks and awkward moments in teen angst. So why not enjoy the hilarity of it all by looking at a bunch of funny prom pictures? Peruse the gallery at your leisure and be thankful that your prom night pics didn’t make [...]

Vi Hart Makes a Video About Making a Video About Making a Video

Vi Hart makes videos primarily about math (we’ve written about her before). But how does she make the videos? The typical Vi Hart video involves a lot of drawing, ultra-fast narration, quick cuts, and fast-motion video. Finally, after years of making videos, Vi Hart has made a video about making videos. [...]

Super Dingo Vs. The Pirates

(YouTube Link) This super strange short is called Super Dingo Vs. The Pirates, starring (surprise!) Super Dingo, a genetically modified dingo with a cyber eye and a bad attitude. It’s a comedic masterpiece starring a guy in a furry suit, a hilariously disheveled band of pirates, and a narrator so stereotypical it’s hard to put your finger [...]

This Puppy Loves Leaf Piles

(Video Link) What happens when a little dog finds a giant pile of leaves to play in? Hilarity, of course. via Geekosystem