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Q*Bert Cake

Q*Bert cake by Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery – via Great White Snark If you like geeky cakes, there’s one place on the Interweb you’ve got to check out: That’s Nerdalicious blog’s “Nerd Cakes” posts. You’ll find cakes inspired by video games, sci-fi movies, Internet memes, cartoons and so on. My current favorite is the Q*Bert [...]

World’s Biggest Bowl Of Porridge

A new world record for the biggest bowl of porridge has been set at the annual Cupar Highland Games in Fife.The huge breakfast of 690 litres of porridge which was cooked up could feed 2,000 people and was more than double the existing record.Local firefighters added water from their fire engine to 80kg of oats, [...]

7 Historic Hollywood Landmarks

Whether it’s Grauman’s Chinese Theater or that iconic nine letter sign, Hollywood is rife with historical landmarks. Here are seven that had a small part in making Hollywood the movie capital of the world. 1. Knickerbocker Hotel Built in 1925, the Knickerbocker is one of the oldest hotels in Hollywood, and has a storied history unlike any [...]