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Archive: April 2012

Intricate Japanese Movable Type Sets Visual Caffeine: Exploring Art and Architecture, Issue 1 Impossible Plant-Animal Hybrid This creature should not exist… but it does. Heavy Bombers: Fearsome Angels of the Cold War A game of fear, played with monstrous planes The Jewish Engineer Behind Hitler’s Volkswagen Finally, the full story behind emergence of Volkswagen Fluid Dynamics & Liquid Photography It’s a Splash! – High-Speed [...]

Photography of Liquid Droplet Collisions

(YouTube link) Collisions of liquid droplets create fluid sculptures that can be appreciated only when the action is captured by high-speed photography.  This video demonstrates how those photographs are created.  After the first droplet impacts the milk, it generates a Worthington jet, which in turn is impacted by a second droplet. Link.  Previously on Neatorama: Markus Reugels’s [...]

Markus Reugels’s Water Drops

German photographer Markus Reugels specializes in high-speed photography, and captures a lot of images of water drops. By adding chemicals to the water and raising his shutter speed to one sixteen thousandth of a second, he’s been able to take some truly amazing shots: By thickening the water with guar gum he was also able to [...]

Jello in a Shattering Christmas Ornament

Photographer Alain Sailer breaks stuff and takes pictures. Well, that’s probably oversimplifying it a bit. The results of his high speed photography are really gorgeous, so check out his Flickr photostream. Link via Dude Craft

High Speed Photography and Water Balloons

Photographer Ryan Taylor uses water balloons and strobe lights to create some amazing pieces of high speed photography. This lovely image was made with skim milk and food coloring. Link via This Is Colossal

Shocking the Crows

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Shocking the Crows “Achtung Achtung! Bitte fliegen sie weiter!” No crow will ever be the same after seeing (and hearing) this… Link Today’s pictures & links: Addicted to Tubes Smile, grandpa! Here’s the great, great, great ancestor of our beloved internet: a pneumatic tube system that’s still in operation in Prague (more info). (image [...]

The Photo Shoot Is Literally a Photographer Shooting Things

Usually, when you say “shoot” to a photographer, he starts snapping with his camera – but be careful when you say that to California-based photographer Alan Sailer. He may just start shooting … with bullets! A photo shoot usually requires a photographer to just point a camera and snap – but U.S. artist Alan Sailer takes [...]

Bullet Impacts in Super-Slow Motion

(YouTube Link) This 10-minute video shows the impact of bullets on various targets at 1 million frames per second. It was made by Werner Mehl, an engineer noted for his development of high-speed photography: Germany’s Werner Mehl is the talented engineer who created the PVM-21 infrared chronograph, in many respects the most sophisticated ballistic speed-measuring system currently [...]