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Remembering the Aurora Twelve

Getty Images Friday morning, we awoke to the horrific news of a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Seventy people were shot; ten died at the scene and two more died soon afterward from their injuries. In the days after a mass murder, we try to make sense out of the senseless, and that [...]

Meet the Parents: 11 Dads of Famous Juniors

Let’s get ready for Father’s Day by taking a look at some dads who gave famous people a giant gift: their names. Here are the seniors behind a slew of well-known Juniors. 1. Martin Luther King, Sr. probably didn’t know his name would become so famous when he changed it. The civil [...]

Runner Gets to Home by Jumping over the Catcher

(Video Link) High school baseball player Caleb Walker of Tupelo, Mississippi, really didn’t have a chance of making it to home. But as you can see, he outwitted the catcher in a very clever move. Link via Deadspin