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Amazing Pop Culture Converse

I’m not big on high heels, even Super Mario heels, but these Breaking Bad Converse are just my speed, although The Walking Dead and Dexter ones are also incredible. Link Via Geekosystem

Sexy Super Mario Heels

Geek girls who have a hard time accessorizing  in a way that actually expresses their specific interests are sure to enjoy these sexy and cute Super Mario high heels from Etsy seller and Flickr user MagicBeanBuyer. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Heels Inspired By Alice In Wonderland

These intricately-designed high heels might not be the most functional shoes in the world, but they are certainly eye-catching and fun. Would any of you fashion-forward neatonaut ladies wear these or do they look too hard to walk around in? Oddee has a variety of other items inspired by Alice in Wonderland at the link. Link