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High Heeled Cupcakes

When I wear high heeled shoes, I want to look good and be comfortable. These cupcakes should be just squishy enough. They were made by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson for their book Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My! Link -via Bit Rebels | Authors’ Website

Measuring Tape Stiletto Heels

If you want to say ‘I’m a practical person’ while still wearing high heeled shoes, these stilettos by Christian Louboutin should do the trick. It’s just a pity that they’re only in metric. Link via Craft | Photo: Christian Loutoubin

High-Heeled Feet

deviantART user Hallincogenius made a pair of feet that look like high-heeled shoes. They’re sculpted from raku clay and glazed. Link

Alien Heels

The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen once designed high heeled shoes modeled after the movie Alien. They were a one-off production so, sadly, you won’t be able to buy a pair and wear them to work. via Great White Snark | Photo: Wicked Halo

The Police Are Hot on Your Heels

File under feel-good law enforcement post of the day- these fantastic high heeled shoes. Design by Tim Cooper, also available in Lamborghini for fun chase scenes. Link

Papercraft High Heels

Photo: Le Creative Sweatshop Le Creative Sweatshop is a French art studio that produces (among other things) enormous papercraft art installations. The high-heeled shoes pictured above are a part of their effort to “make a paper world.” You can view more pictures of the studio’s work at the link. Link via Gizmodo | Video about their work