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Thank You to Everyone Who Mentioned Us on This Reddit Thread

Reddit must have like 50 million readers. A few hours ago, Alatorr gave us a shout out halfway down this thread about the most intellectually stimulating websites. Traffic has been pouring in ever since. Additional virtual high fives to somecrazybroad, RU_FKM, M4RTEL, LizzyBreal, catgirl667, Chrispanic, bafl1, dankula who showed us some love, too. And if [...]

Summer Wardrobe Stock-Up Sale: All Shirts $14.90!

Now through Monday, all our t-shirts are $14.90! Just enter the code SUMMERSTYLE before checkout. You can be throwing around asymptotic high fives in your asymptotic high five shirt all summer. * Discount code not applicable to package deals, subscriptions and outlet items.

Introducing the Asymptotic High Fives T-Shirt!

The asymptotic high five is the closest thing we at mental_floss have to a secret handshake. Choreographed by Senior Editor Jenny Drapkin, it’s fun and nerdy and allows us to greet each other when we’re sick. And now it’s on a t-shirt! Now that the secret is out, there are three ways you can support the [...]