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Video shows Curiosity’s descent on to Mars

A new high definition video has been released which shows the descent in unprecedented detail. Reddit user Dominic Muller created the video by taking …

Jum Nakao’s Cut Paper Dresses

In 2004 in São Paulo, Brazilian artist Jum Nakao held a fashion show exhibiting many amazing dresses composed of delicate sheets of intricately cut paper. In an interview about his work, Nakao wrote about a subsequent and similar exhibition by writing: In the end, everything was torn up on the catwalk. We used vegetable paper and [...]

3D TV Without Glasses Unveiled

The world’s first 3D Without Glasses television that doesn’t require glasses has hit the market.Toshiba unveiled the high-definition liquid crystal display 3D television that does not require the special glasses – one of the biggest consumer complaints about the technology.The Tokyo-based company hopes this could be the breakthrough that brings 3D TV to the masses.Glassess-less [...]

Op lets people upgrade their eyes to HD

A new artificial lens has been developed that can allow people to see in high definition. The operation to implant the new lens has been carried o…