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Robot Can Use The Microwave

Today nuking food in the microwave, tomorrow nuking humanity for world domination! Seriously though, what more can we ask from our robot pals now that they’ve mastered the skills of microwaving frozen food? IEEE Spectrum’s Automation blog reports: Herb, the Home Exploring Robot [...]

Manhattan’s Modest Art Collectors

Herb and Dorothy Vogel of New York City are not rich, but they have an amazing collection of art. Herb retired after years of sorting mail at the Manhattan Post Office. Dorothy was a librarian. They lived simply and spent all the extra money they could come up with on artworks, for their entire married [...]

Dietribes: Parsing Down Parsley 

• Parsley’s popularity dates back to antiquity, where the herb was an integral part of life for both the Greeks and Romans. It was used in prized crowns for races, and given as a strengthening feed to Homeric chariot horses.  • Though parsley was considered an “herb of life” at funerals, superstition dictated that it [...]

World’s oldest wood fossil discovered

The ancient wood belonged to a small herb and would have grown over 400 million years ago. The discovery suggests that wood didn’t originally evolve i…

In Cold Blood, 50 years Later

On November 15, 1959, Herb and Bonnie Clutter and two of their four children were murdered in Holcomb, Kansas. This crime was later chronicled in Truman Capote’s book In Cold Blood and in four movies. The Guardian takes a look back at the crime, the book written about it, and how the town of Holcomb [...]